Savus Boutique Hotel - Rethymno

Equipment of outdoor and indoor spaces of the new Savus Boutique Hotel in Rethymno’s beach area, for the season 2022.

A variety of outdoor and indoor furniture has been selected, for most of the hotel’s spaces.


In the room balconies, the aluminium was the main material and so there have been chosen:

Chaise Lounge Lesvos, Gaudi Armchair, Liberty sidetable and column table bases with cement deco top, all of them in white and light grey colours.


For the restaurant area, there has been a more natural tone and the main material was the wood, so there have been selected:

Antibes Armchair, wooden dining chairs made of thatch and teak woodland a mix n match of aluminium and wooden table bases.


In various parts of the hotel there have been selected other types of furniture such as:

Wooden or copper stool – side-tables for the bedrooms and wooden coffee tables for some corridors.



Savus Boutique Hotel – Rethymno

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