B-Safe “Secure” Sidetable

B-safe is an innovative beach sidetable, with the capability of safely storing and placing personal belongings.

It is made of strong plastic material, durable against the weather conditions, but simultaneously lightweight. It is suitable for summer vacation areas, such as beaches, beach bars, hotels, villas, etc. It can be mounted on nearly all beach parasols, with a column diameter from Φ25mm up to Φ100mm.

With a capacity of nearly 15Lt and a door opening that is 26cm X 12cm, it gives the potential to the user, to store inside it valuable personal belongings such as money, sunglasses, mobile phones, tablets and even some laptops.

With B-safe, every bather can enjoy fearlessly his summer moments, without the need of carrying with him keys, or any other tool, since the door has an integrated special lock. This completely analog lock mechanism, gives to the user the ability to choose his own personal 4 digits’ password. Every time that a new user is coming, the password can be reset immediately, by simply rotating the lock handle clockwise to the “change mode” (only, of course, when the door is open). A master key is also available, that can be used by the owner of the place and it can unlock the door if needed.

It has external dimensions of 42cm X 35cm X 22cm and provides a beneficial top area of nearly 0,15m2, for putting other useful items. Also, at the top there are 4 glass holders and at the back side there are 2 removable ashtrays.

Finally, on both sides of the table, there is the capability of putting any sponsored brand logothat the client wishes, with dimensions 23cm X 11cm.

Available in 3 colours: WHITE, ANTHRACITE, BEIGE